Data Analyst

Location: Willow Grove, PA
Date Posted: 11-09-2017
Job Purpose:     
The primary purpose of this position is to receive, clean, process, verify and report on data applicable to the clearance of government (Medicare and Medicaid) and private health insurance liens in mass tort cases.  This position reports to two General Counsel/Principals and will work with another IT professional with current systems responsibilities.  The position supports other Paralegals (Lien Resolution Specialists and Client Service / Project Managers and also liaises with our Qualified Settlement Fund accounting staff located in our Denver, CO office.  The position requires both anticipating and reacting to the needs of staff and clients throughout the life cycle of different mass tort projects to ensure maintenance of accurate data related to clearing of health plan liens.
Job Summary:     
The position is responsible for receiving law suit settlement and claimant data from law firms and claims administrators and processing that data into a form that is ready for import and manipulation into various information systems, namely Access and Salesforce.   Additionally, this position will update internal information systems and spreadsheets as new and changed information is received from various parties related to multiple settlements. 

  • Receive data in various formats from law firms, claims administrators, other vendors and government agencies
  • Process data into standard formats using MS Excel, Access and CRM software ACT! and now Salesforce, and other data manipulation tools to prepare and analyze data.
  • Use existing and also create new macros to manipulate and verify lien resolution data, identify inconsistencies and discrepancies in sheets and tabs to fit specific formats
  • Import data into proprietary information systems using MS Excel and other data transformation tools.
  • Enter and update data into information systems
  • Interact with attorney clients, internal paralegals, lien resolution specialists and project managers, claims administrators, and other parties to receive updates and verify data
  • Process data contained in spreadsheets or applications into specific formats necessary for payments to various parties
  • Develop and implement a set of quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of data transmissions
  • Work with existing IT resource to determine strengths and divide workflow in order to maximize capabilities.
Primary Qualifications:
  • Expertise in working with large sets of data in systems and spreadsheets
  • Strong MS Excel, Access, SQL skills
  • Moderate to advanced VBA for Excel
  • Ability to work with data import toolsets (training available on specifics)
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management software, including Salesforce 
  • Ability to manage and motivate others.
Personal Attributes
  • Strong detail-orientation
  • “Accounting” mentality.  “Everything must tie out or it isn’t right”
  • Self-motivated and directed
  • Ability to act decisively and implement solutions
  • Ability to anticipate, take initiative and “take charge”
  • Excellent analytical, evaluative and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to expand job responsibilities, suggest improvements, and collaborate with others to generate ideas and implement process improvements.
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